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Goalkeeper shirts

Here at we have a large selection of different goalkeeper shirts and goalkeeper kit. We sell the shirts separately but also as a set with shorts. As a goalkeeper you have a big responsibility and it is often your job to do the difference between victory and defeat. That is why it is important for you to be psychically ready.

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Goalkeeper shirts
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As a goalkeeper you don't move as much as the other players and therefore it might be cold to just stand in a match kit. Your muscles will not get cold and you will be ready to do your best. An optimal goalkeeper kit is a kit where the body is kept warm and where you can avoid injuries.

Here at Unisportstore we have many different goalkeeper shirts and there is a lot of difference between these. Some of them are designed for the summer and are lighter to wear than the shirts made for winter because of they are thicker and warmer. Some of the goalkeeper shirts are made with shoulder and elbow pads, which are made for shock absorption.

We have a large selection of goalkeeper shirts from different types of brands. The right goalkeeper shirt depends on what you wish to use it for. Do you need a goalkeeper shirt for the winder or for the summer or do you need a shirt which is good to ventilate in. There are many reason and we have the solutions.