Leather for the lethal player | The PhantomVNM gets a new look


Written by William

The PhantomVNM boots are getting a special treatment from Nike today! The deadly boots will meet comfort and class. Get ready for yet another leather beauty from Nike.

The Nike Tech Craft boots have always been different from the other boots in the Nike line-up. We’ve seen a lot of boots being part of the Tech Craft collection - the Vapor 13 was the most recent one to join it.

Today it’s time for the Phantom Venom to get it’s first member in the leather family. And we can easily tell you that we’re pretty excited about this one. Let’s take a look at it!

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The new boots are made of K-leather to ensure that you will get the most comfortable fit - always. The leather will mould after your foot and it has replaced the Flyknit completely. It’s extremely soft, thin and will give you a premium experience every time you put them on you feet.

The lace cover, Strike Zone and toe box on the PhantomVNM will not be in leather. This means that you will still have the same technologies to help you perform at your best.

The looks on the boots are also a bit different. The first thing to notice is of course the blackout colourway, which we think looks amazing on these. The Swoosh is also black with a “gold-ish” colour in contrast to the upper and the soleplate.

Speaking of the soleplate - just take a look at it. The chrome is so explicit that you can almost see yourself in them like a mirror. What a way to give the leather boots some spice!

The boots will come in a very limited amount around the world. So you will have to act fast to get a hold of your own pair of the most comfortable PhantomVNM ever!

You can get the new boots right here

If you’re not into leather boots but still want to be a part of the PhantomVNM family, you can find our full selection of the newest colourways as well.