Boot update from adidas | Including the new X Ghosted


Written by William

The latest boots from adidas are giving us some fresh, new colours - and the latest innovation from the Germans.

We have seen a lot of colours from adidas lately. In May we got the Uniforia and in June we were treated with the Localy boots. Those boots were all in the colour of the rainbow and really stood out on the pitch. Now it’s time to get some different colours on the table - and also a brand new boot.

The adidas Inflight boots includes the X Ghosted, which you’ve probably seen on our Social Media lately. And now it’s finally here. Let’s take a look at the full collection in the pictures below.

Continued below the pictures

We will start off by looking at the new X Ghosted. It look great with its white and golden details. And the almost see-through upper is still something that makes our heart skip a beat. It look absolutely insane. If your want to know more about the new X, you can our blogpost about it right here.

Next up is the Predator. This one never disappoint. It’s yet another stunning colour from adidas . The white upper mixed with black and golden details are among the best looking of the Predator 20 so far!

The Copa is kept in a clean and simple look like a true leather boot. But of course in an eye catching blue colour.

Last but not least we have the Nemeziz. A fiery red boot. Perfect for the player who wants to show who’s in charge.

You are able to the the adidas Inflight boots before everyone else at Unisport on pre sale right now!

Find the adidas Inflight right here