The greatest tournament is back soon | adidas launches the UEFA Champions League ball for the 20/21 season


Written by Lasse

Not long ago, we saw how the Germans, in the form of Bayern München, once again won the most honourable tournament in Europe. Now it is time for the Germans to make the headlines once again in the Champions League. But this time it is the Germans from adidas, because they have just launched the ball for the 2020/21 season - and it’s a real beauty!

The UEFA Champions League! The greatest tournament in Europe. And of course the greatest tournament needs a great ball too. Luckily, adidas never disappoints when it comes to the UCL ball. It is one of those balls that you always look forward to, because of its unique design. And that is certainly the case too here.

As always the Champions League ball features a star design. You could almost call it a trademark for the ball. But one of those things, that have changed lately, is the outer points of the stars on the ball. The outer points of the edges are now beginning to overlap instead of touching each other - possibly to improve the durability of the ball. Talking about stars. For the first time ever, this ball will have a star texture on it. A subtle, but very nice detail!

Continued below the pictures

The star design is something we always expect to see. But one thing is uncertain - the colours. This season's ball will come in a great symphony of dark blue, sky tint, white and orange (also called ‘signal coral’). The dark blue will outline the frame of the stars on the ball, in order to make the ball look light and fast, but also to make it look like the stars fly over the ball. That inner of the stars is of course white and the logos will also be in dark blue. The hexagon between the stars will have a beautiful mix of the colours signal coral and sky tint, plus some dark blue stripes. All in all, the graphics and colours will make this ball look as fast as you’ve never seen before.

With the design of the ball covered, we now turn our heads towards the ball tech-specifies. The ball is made in all quality materials and will have a thermal bonded upper for a stable flow. In addition to that it will also have an enhanced outer layer for reduced slipping and it will of course also be carrying the FIFA QUALITY PRO badge. A high quality ball for a high quality tournament.

We are looking forward to seeing this ball enter the biggest stage at the biggest stadiums in the world. And we are certainly also looking forward to seeing if Bayern Münich can win it again? Or if Paris Saint-Germain goes aaaall the way this time? Or maybe even Real Madrid, Liverpool, Juventus, Manchester United, FC Barcelona or Manchester City? Well, there are a lot of candidates and unanswered questions. But one thing is for sure! They are all going to play with a beautiful ball at their feet.

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