Unisport x PUMA | 'Ultra XXV' is the ultimate Unisport boot


Written by Lasse

We are near the end of 2020. A year, which has been pretty crazy in many ways. At Unisport we have been celebrating our 25 year anniversary. And even though 2020 is almost over, we are not done celebrating yet. We still have something up our sleeves. And one of these things is called Ultra XXV.

PUMA and Unisport have launched some pretty awesome boots throughout the year! We’ve seen the staggering PUMA Future Paris, where we partnered up with Jok'Air. Afterwards we launched the ultra popular PUMA Ultra The Drip boots, which first drop sold out in less than a day!

PUMA x Unisport Ultra XXV

Now it’s time for the ultimate Unisport football boot - and it’s called PUMA x Unisport Ultra XXV. In this PUMA x Unisport collaboration, we are paying a big tribute to Unisport’s 25 year anniversary. The boots are very very limited, with only 25 pairs worldwide (a nod to the 25 years). And it’s of course a Unisport exclusive boot, which means you can’t find it anywhere else, than here at Unisport. We are pretty stoked about this boot. And hope that you are too! Check it out, down below.

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Logo mania

A quick look at the PUMA x Unisport 1.1 Ultra XXV, and you’ll probably fall in love with the many details. The boots are made of 3 primary colours; green, white and navy blue. And it’s not just any green - it’s the Unisport kind of green. On the side, you’ll see the green base with a lot of logos on. The logos are actually three different logos; a Unisport logo, the famous PUMA jumping cat and then the special Unisport 25 year’s anniversary logo. An amazing detail!

On the forefoot of the boot, you’ll find a white upper with navy lines. And as always on an Ultra, you’ll also find the jumping PUMA cat on the outer side of the front of the boot - this time in a navy blue. The collar and laces are also in navy blue. This boot is really something else - and we are pretty happy about it at Unisport!


The boot is a PUMA Ultra and features all the best from the lightest speed boot in the world. We are talking the MATRYXEVO tech upper and the GribControl, which ensures maximum grip on the ball in all weather conditions. On top of that - or actually below - are the PUMA Ultra XXV equipped with the PEBA SpeedUnit outsole, which will make you ultra fast.

If you want to get your hands on these very limited, Unisport only, anniversary special boots - then follow the link down below. You should probably hurry a bit - there are only 25 pairs!

You can get the Ultra limited Unisport exclusive PUMA x Unisport Ultra XXV right here!