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Written by William

Are you ready to stay sharp and look sharp at the same time? We will go through some of the latest, best and good looking running shoes in our selection at Unisport today!

There’s just something about going for a run. You don’t need to go to the gym, the football pitch or somewhere else. You just put on your running shoes and then you’re good to go from the moment you step out of your own door.

Here at Unisport, we have a big selection of running shoes from brands like Nike, adidas and New Balance. We made a small Top 5 over some of the most popular and best running shoes. Let’s check it out:

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

The name is just fresh in itself. The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 is quite something to look at. The Fresh Foam X midsole has become an icon almost immediately for its superior cushioning. The upper is made of New Balance’s own Hypoknit, which is really soft and gives you a snug fit which is still very comfortable when you’re out on a longer run. The Ultra Heel will give you a lockdown that is not too tight.

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Nike React Miler Premium

This is a premium product. The special edition of the Nike React Miler is quite something to look at with its unique ‘double Swoosh’. It has a nice, tight fit to give you the best stability and to ensure your performance. The famous React technology, which we also see on some Nike sneakers and training shoes. The React Miller has a foam insert in the tongue to prevent any tension from the laces, which will make you able to tighten your shoes even more without discomfort.

Nike Pegasus Trail 2

Now this is a special one. The Pegasus Trail 2 is made for trail running (as the name suggests). The mesh upper is a bit more stiff than the normal running shoe. And outsole is made with the React technology but with a twist. This is because the shoes should help you while running in nature - like in the forest, in hills and other places where it can be a bit slippery or uneven. It also contains Air Zoom units to give you the best bounce!

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adidas Terrex Two Ultra

Moving onto a running shoe which is also made for trail running. The adidas Terrex Two Ultra is a part of the Terrex collection where we see technology and performance as the big priority. The upper is water protected and it will help you through all weather conditions while being agile and comfortable - all of this is possible with GORE-TEX incorporated in the upper. The midsole is made with Boost cushioning. So you get the best of both worlds with high end technology and comfort.

adidas Supernova +

Last one in our Top 5 is the adidas Supernova+. A running shoe with a slim design and a great mix of aesthetics and performance. The outsole is actually a hybrid. This means that it has both the Boost and the Bounce technology. This will give you excellent cushioning while on the road, hitting that record time on your 5K (or maybe longer?).

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Nike Pegasus 37 and adidas Ultra Boost 21

We need some honorable mentions. And the Nike Pegasus and the adidas Ultra Boost is among our top selling running shoes. So we think you should check these out as well! There is something about the hype when we’re talking about these two shoes. They will both provide you with great bounce, light weight and might be the most styling running shoes on the market!

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