adidas X Speedflow | Messi returns to speed


Written by Lasse

adidas’ speed silo called X Ghosted is now changing its name to adidas X Speedflow. As you probably have guessed; A new name means a new and upgraded boot. And you know what? Lionel Messi is going to play in it as well. That means we got a lot of stuff to talk about. So let’s jump straight into it!

About a year ago adidas X changed its name to adidas X Ghosted. A new innovative X had arrived and since then we have seen a lot of crazy colourways for the X Ghosted. We have seen Limited Editions such as the Peregrine Falcon and stunning colourways such as the pink Superspectral. Most importantly, and not to forget, we even had the F50 Memory Lane which was a combination of the legendary F50 upper and X Ghosted soleplate.

Now it is time to write a new chapter in the book about adidas’ speed boots. We are welcoming a crazy new boot to the party. It is so crazy, that even Lionel Messi is returning to adi’s speed silo for the first time since the F50’s. Talk about a quality stamp! Let’s dive into it right away.

adidas X Speedflow

The adidas X Speedflow is breaking into the atmosphere in a flaming red and white colourway called Meteorite. The upper is split-coloured in red and white, as the lateral side is red and medial side is white. But it is not just red and white. The lateral red side is supplied with the famously three stripes, which are golden. The medial white side is painted with thin lines of red and yellow. It really looks like the boot is on fire!

The soleplate is also split-coloured in white and red, which looks amazing. Especially because it is very shiny! The heel of the boot is white with the X-logo on it. But enough about how the boots' look - let’s dive into the specs after you have checked out the boots yourself.

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Now let’s dive into the new technologies on the adidas X Speedflow - and more precisely the ‘X Speedflow +’, as that is the one with the most premium materials. Let’s start with the upper, as this is where you’ll find the most updates. The upper is made with Primeknit Skin, which results in incredible light boot and a supreme adaptive fit experience. But that’s not all. The upper is also equipped with an Engineered Agilitycage. That gives you the maximum support during radical changes in direction and explosive movements. It is made through laser cut and will help the Primeknit Skin from the inside to maintain its shape.

Moving onto the soleplate, which is made with a Carbon Fiber Speedframe. That means you’ll get an ultra lightweight construction with carbitex carbon fibre, which enhances the acceleration and sprinting. On top of that the heel is moulded in 3D, but the upper part of the heel is more elastic than earlier, which is very comfortable.

Now you might ask; What is the main difference between the X Speedflow and X Ghosted? Well on the X Speedflow you got a new upper, which to most people will feel more comfortable because of the new materials used. And even though the materials have been changed, you still get the tight fit that you experienced when wearing the X Ghosted. All in all an awesome boot, which has been upgraded. What’s not to like?

Lastly, we can’t forget the fact that Lionel Messi, the Argentinian G.O.A.T, will return to adidas’ speed boots. That must be a sign of quality!

The adidas X Speedflow is available at Unisport now!

Shop adidas X Speedflow here.