Jakob gives you the down low on the PureChaos and PureAgility


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

With the PureChaos and PureAgility adidas have completed what they started back in January with the PureControl. But what separates the two new boots? JayMike drops some knowledge on you here.

With the introduction of the PureChaos and PureAgility, one question has been repeated more than a couple of times: How do the two boots stand out from each other?

And Jakob understands your confusion, because when you look at the two boots, they are actually made to achieve quite a few of the same things and constructed in fairly similar ways. Both have the same Tech Fit PureCut sock, a primeknit 2.0 inspired heel, same outsole and an covered tongue.

And then you’re tempted to ask, what’s left? If you ask Jakob, there are two things that really make the two differ from each other: The upper and fit. The differences are based on the use of material, as well as the construction itself. Are you curious to hear more of the specifics? Watch the video above, where Jakob goes into serious detail.

You can buy the newest football boots from adidas, which includes PureChaos and PureAgility right here.