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Written by Sandra

Are you ready for the new season to kick off or are you maybe a little behind on the training? Don’t you worry - Unisport got your back! Read more to see the essential things for staying fit!

The most important things for pre-season is TRAIN, RUN, REPEAT. The time between the first day of the year and the first training, first training- and real match is crucial. And who doesn’t want to be the best when returning to football - we sure do!


First of all you need to start training, which means work on your skills and this is regardless of your position on the pitch. You can do all kinds of exercises and you can do it in a park, in your garden or even at home. For this you need the right training wear, such as training pants, shirts, gloves.

Besides getting the right training wear, you’ll also need training equipment. You’ll need anything from a football, agility ladder, poles and last, but not least a Catapult One.

You can see some of our selections below!

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As we mentioned above, RUN is key to your general fitness and staying fit. Running is helping you to keep fit and make sure you are ready, and in the best possible shape when returning. You can run wherever you are and you actually just need a good pair of running shoes to get started. We have anything from Nike, adidas and New Balance. Take a look at the most popular running shoes below!

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