adidas Camouflage Pack is here | But not to help you hide!


Written by Jacob

Feast your eyes on these! If you can see them that is. The adidas Camouflage Pack has just dropped featuring all silos in a stunning get-up with silver, grey and off-white camouflage print.

The boots on show in this blog post will be the adidas ACE 17+ PureControl and the adidas X 16+ PureChaos, but you can expect every single model get the camouflage makeover and if that's not a delight, I don't know what is. Through the years we've seen an array of attempts at pulling off the camouflage design, but I for one can't remember a more successful than this - adidas have really hit this one out of the park and I'm sure we'll see plenty of these on the feet of footballers all over the world come the new season.

The Camouflage Pack is not going to get any on-pitch support from pro athletes and could that be because they've too good a job at camouflaging the boots? They're afraid of them disappearing on the field? Whatever the reason I'm sure these will make anyone stand out and when you combine the exquisite design with the tech adidas have fitted the ACE and X with you can consider yourself well equipped to make a noticeable difference on the pitch.

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The adidas ACE 17+ PureControl is unsurprisingly built for utter and complete control of not only the ball, but the flow and tide of the game. The likes of Mesut Özil and Paul Pogba are prime examples of just that as they take to the pitch in this laceless boot, delivering key passes right, left and center. Without laces on the boot you get closer to the ball than ever before and you'll be able to control it with much more conviction before and now you can do it in absolute stellar fashion with the Camouflage Pack design.

What's the opposite of control? Chaos. The adidas X 16+ PureChaos is designed to deliver just that as the name rightly so suggests. You might be able to squeeze out a win through control, but you need that sprinkle of chaos to unlock a defense and I can't help but think of FC Barcelona in this context. They're based on control, but without the likes of Luis Suárez they wouldn't have that X factor that makes them so terrifyingly good! If you're ready to inflict chaos in defenders you'll do right by slipping into a pair of X 16+ PureChaos Camouflage Pack football boots.

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