Kids football boots Grass (FG)

When the weather gets warmer and the ground softens, it is normal that you play football on grass. If you play football on grass, you of course need football boots that are suitable for grass. Here you will find all of our football boots to play on grass; the so-called FG-boots. When you buy your new FG boots here with us at Unisport, you can add both name and flag to make the boots more personal. You will always get good prices and with fast delivery!

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Football is meant to be played on grass, and it is probably also the preferred surface for most footballers. Therefore, it is of course a necessity to have the right boots when playing on grass. Football Boots for natural grass pitches are typically equipped with a FG-sole, which stands for "Firm Ground" - ie a firm surface.

All the models you find in this category is kids football boots designed for FG play - you will see our large collection of different brands, models, sizes and price points. Your choice!