adidas Copa Mundial

The Copa Mundial, or World Cup class of football boots has been around for over thirty years. A classic on the field, its basic structure has changed little over time, but it has been the basis for many other boot designs. Until 2013 there was no variation in the look of the boot, at which point the first change to ever be made available was and inversion that reversed the proportions of black and white. Despite there being a wider range of available colors today, the components that have made it a standard in the game of football have not changes.

Constructed to be durable and comfortable, the body of the boots are made from kangaroo leather with a thick and sturdy sole that gives stable footing. Copa Mundial football boots cradle and support the player's feet to give a balanced edge on performance. Their design has been well-tested in time, and despite cosmetic variations that have become available in modern times, the Copa Mundial has been, and still is, found in just about every football locker room around the world. Weighing in around 330 grams for its basic model, they have been hailed as many to be the baseline in standard for a well-balanced football boot.

The Copa Mundial is also available in a wide range of studded and indoor soles that take their standard to all fields of sports. From soft earth fields to wood gymnasium, or even concrete jungles, the Copa Mundial variety of football boots has a sole or stud pattern to match the terrain. Priced to fit most budgets as well, they are a great football boot for first time players and casual leagues or games.

Favored among the old and younger player alike, many stars of the past and present football world have been known to endorse or wear a Copa Mundial. Players such as Tardelli, Beckenbaure, upson, and Maradona, to name a few have been known to wear their Copa Mundial during major and minor games. To date, they are one of the best selling football boots on the market because of their reliable construction and proven durability. From makeshift fields and thrown together games, all the way to the FIFA cup series of 2014, the Copa Mundial football boots from adidas continue to make their mark and set the bar for what a basic football boot should be.