adidas Nemeziz

adidas Nemeziz - A football boot for the playmaker

The adidas Nemeziz is a brilliant football boot. The boot was designed for Lionel Messi, and provides the perfect balance between speed, agility and touch. Combined with a stud pattern that is designed to provide grip in all conditions - all described in more detail, below. With the creation of a new boot, adidas listened to the feedback given, and made a cleat which brings everything together, and came up with a football boot that is made for all-around performance.. So now we have a boot with the demands of lightweight comfort, touch, durability and control. The boot is perfectly made for the type of player who loves to keep the ball in possession and to have full control of the ball. This is achieved with help from it’s TorsionTape upper, which is crafted from soft and flexible tape - the kind that you would find boxers or ballerina’s wearing to help improve their stability and strength. It combines with the dual lock collar construction, to provide you with incredible lockdown and a feeling of being secure in the boot. All of this together gives you an incredible feeling when you strike the ball with your adidas Nemeziz football boot.

adidas Nemeziz - TorsionTape Technology

When designing the Nemeziz, adidas took a lot of inspiration from other sports including boxing and dancing. They included this technology when designing their boot, and wanted you to feel totally in control and confident when using it. The adidas Nemeziz boasts lockdown for days with its TorsionTape technology. It allows your foot to sit tightly against the sole plate and prevents your heel from slipping out of place. The feeling of being totally locked into your boots can give you the confidence to react fast in the knowledge that your boots won’t ever let you down. This incredible level of support and stability is really useful when you are attacking your opponent on the final third of the field, where the small margins are really significant. Furthermore, the boot is mid-cut, which optimises the feeling of being locked in up to your ankles, to give you that extra little bit of confidence in the adidas Nemeziz.

adidas Nemeziz - Outsole and stud configuration

Compared to the adidas Nemeziz’s siblings, the adidas X and adidas Predator, the Nemeziz features a slightly different stud configuration, that is designed specifically for grip on all surfaces, giving you the ability to increase your acceleration and straight line speed. The sole plate is made of light and durable PEBAX, which is great for use over multiple surfaces like artificial grass and firm ground. The adidas Nemeziz is available in all different stud configurations, meaning you can be sure to find a Nemeziz that matches your needs, no matter if you play on an indoor court, or on a muddy pitch and everything in-between. The adidas Nemeziz is sure to perform! The adidas Nemeziz is also available in all different stud configurations from SG, TF, IC as well as the popular FG/AG version, so you will always find the right boot for your needs.

adidas history - the adidas Nemeziz

The first adidas Nemeziz was released for the 2017-18 season. It was a completely new concept for football boots, and completely revolutionised the way that football boot manufacturers looked at how a boot was supposed to be made. It changed the game, and was the first time that a new type of technology was used in the upper construction of football boots since synthetic. Lionel Messi, Argintinian wizard, helped with all of the design elements, and the shoe was made with him in mind from the design stage, all the way through to the boot becoming a reality. Lionel Messi himself decided not to use the laceless version, but instead prefers the feeling of having laces when destroying the opposition.

adidas Nemeziz features a lot of different colourways and combinations just to please you as the owner. You can get the Nemeziz as classic as an all black boot, but also in red, blue, white and even pink! The cleat is of course also made for both kids and adults. Furthermore, due to its sheer popularity, adidas have also made the boot in various limited edition colourways that will surely be seen in years to come as collector’s items.

As the adidas Nemeziz was designed and made with Lionel Messi in mind, it’s fantastic for all types of players. It performs well when agility is the key, and you need to make quick, sharp turns to get away from the opposition. As well as feeling fantastic to shoot with because of the extremely soft and pliable upper that moulds itself to your foot for maximum comfort and lock down.

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No matter what colourway you are thinking about getting your brand new adidas Nemeziz in, you are definitely going to be satisfied with this high quality, extremely well made and excellent value boot. With all of the high-tech features and innovation within the boot, you can be sure that you will be in charge on the football pitch. No matter whether you are passing, shooting at goal, controlling the football, or taking on the defender 1-on-1. You will always strike fear into the opposition with precise, powerful and elegant movement. As always, we have a huge selection of adidas football boots as well as adidas sneakers and apparel in any size. All under one roof at We are always offering good prices on our products, and we always provide fast and safe delivery to your front door with our products. The only decision left for you, is which model of the Nemeziz you will rule the field with.