Fulham shop

Here is another London club for you - with a history dating back many years. Fulham was established in 1879 and is among the very oldest club's in London who play at the highest level. If you would like to be a part of this club's impressive story, then you can get a Fulham shirt here on Unisportstore.com. The Cottagers, as Fulham are also known, have never won the Premier League, however they have made it to the final of the FA-cup.

Fulham is a club that you can never ignore - even if things are looking far from good at times, we have become used to seeing the Fulham football shirt surviving in the Premier League. Over the years, Fulham have had wealthy owners and have hereby been able to keep a stable economy in the club. The best result came from a European adventure as the club in 2010 made it to the final of the Europa League.