Select Goalkeeper gloves

As a goalkeeper you need world-class equipment and your hands are the most important thing for you. Your gloves should catch and hold the ball good, so you need the ability to catch the ball while it is in the air and at the same time hold on to it, so it doesn't slip away. But the gloves should also be shock absorptive and give you great comfort, all these things is something you get by using a Select goalkeeper glove.

The Danish brand, Select, is known for its quality of equipment, they make a broad range of different goalkeeper gloves. Here at Unisportstore, we have a large selection of these goalkeeper gloves in all kinds of prices. We also have products to maintain your gloves. By using these products, your gloves get longer durability and you get the most possibly joy of using them.

Select goalkeeper gloves is the most advanced gloves which secure you the best possible conditions on the pitch. The gloves come in different prices and colors. The goalkeeper glove Select 93 Hand Guard is Selects's flagship for the new collection. There has been made no compromise on quality with the new match glove and the glove has a perfect touch in all kinds of weather. Furthermore, the gloves have air ventilation all the out to the fingers.

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