PUMA Goalkeeper gloves

The German brand PUMA has made some of the best goalkeeper gloves. Here at Unisportstore we offer you these gloves from PUMA, King XL Aqua and the evoSPEED 1. Both gloves are professional PUMA goalkeeper gloves and are being used by some of the best goalkeepers in the world.

PUMA King XL Aqua makes sure that you get the most optimal grip, with its unique design and latex layer in the palm. Furthermore, it also works as shock-absorption when you catch the ball or jump after it. The grip works good in wet weather, where other gloves losses their grip. So PUMA has made a technology where you get a maximum grip even in wet weather. The gloves fits the hands natural form and makes sure that you get a great comfort and a good power transmission from the wrist and arm towards the hand.

PUMA evoSPEED 1 is just like PUMA King XL Aqua an unique glove where the newest technology from PUMA is being used. The thumb wrap technology ensures a great bold to latex contact, where your throws and the grip is increased. Cross-fit technology ensures an unique fit and a great comfort at the wrist.

On the store you can also find products for maintaining you PUMA goalkeeper gloves, so they get a longer durability and your pleasure with the gloves. In the menu goalkeeper equipment you will find all these products and many more for maintenance of you gloves.