Nike Free

Nike Free, one of the most popular Nike sneakers of all time

There is no doubt that the Nike Free is an incredibly popular shoe. It has deservedly taken the market by storm, ever since it was presented. So if you are in need of a cool pair of sneakers, then order yourself a pair of Nike Free shoes today. We have lightning fast delivery to all corners of the world and if you order them today, we will make sure they are shipped right away.

The cool thing about these Nike Free shoes, and one of the reasons they have become so popular, is their diversity. The design is absolutely fantastic, which makes them ideal for both running, everyday use, or even when attending various festivities. They have a sharp look, which gives them a strong and unique design and really anyone should do themselves a favour and get their hands on a pair. You will have a hard time finding a cooler shoe anywhere; you will definitely have to search long and hard. Nike have really brought out the big guns, when developing this shoes design and as a result, the Nike Free has really taken a firm hold of the market.

And that they have been ever­present on the market ever since they were launched is quite impressive, because they were first introduced in 2004. Nike have not been resting on their laurels and are continuously developing the Nike Free shoe, with plenty of models and colourways available. So if you don’t like the otherwise popular black and white model, there is still a sea of versions to choose from. Here at Unisport we have plenty to choose from, so you can always find the perfect one for you.

Nike Free 5.0

March 2019 was the month of where Nike launched the Nike Free RN 5.0 2019 model. The model is by many people seen as the best Nike Free model so far. The Nike Free 5.0 from 2019 is 26 percent more flexible and 2mm lower to the ground than the 2018 models. The 5.0 come with a minimal lacing system, and the design and comfort of the shoe is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Buy the Nike Free 5.0 at Unisport today.

Nike Free, the perfect running shoe

If you intend to use them as a running shoe and not just an everyday sneaker, then that is also an option. The Nike Free is made in several different versions, which are marked with the numbers 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and so on. The lower the number is the more natural the run becomes, as the shoe is more flexible and activates intrinsic running more. If you are more interested in a more regular running shoe, then we definitely recommend taking one of the higher numbers – for example the Nike Free 5.0 model, while you should pick the 3.0 model if you want the more natural run.

If you intend to use your new smart Nike Free entirely for running, then it is a very good idea to start off slow. If you choose one of the models that activate natural running, but have never tried a running shoe like this, then your entire muscle structure needs time to adjust. So if you go too hard too soon, you run a high risk of injuring your feet and legs. That would definitely not be what you want, especially just after purchasing such an ace pair of running shoes. So if you are not accustomed to it, make sure to start soft and get used to the new style of running shoes.

Even though it might be a little boring covering fewer miles, it is still imperative to the way you run. With an injury you could easily be out of action for months, which will really do harm to your shape. It takes time and adaptation, something you must take into account. You may be an experienced runner, who covers many miles a week, but when switching to the Nike Free’s natural type of running you need to take it easy. Before you know it you will be back to the old routes and then you can take advantage of the amazing benefits intrinsic running brings with it.

As a running shoe it is perfect for the firm and hard surfaces. This could be a surface like asphalt, pavement and harder gravel paths. If this is where you love to run, then it simply couldn’t get any better for you. It probably wouldn’t be the greatest running shoe for terrain running, where you would face sand, mud and wet surroundings, so if you are a fan of running in rougher areas, then a pair of Nike Free probably isn’t what you should go for. Just to make you aware of the areas, where the Nike Free really excels as a running shoe.

Nike Free run for men and women

Something else, which is super cool about the Nike Free, is that they are made for both men and women. They are produced in such a wide array of designs and colours, so there are a great number of choices to choose between for both genders. You could also pick the perfect middle ground and choose one of the more neutral shoes in black or grey, if you don’t want to pick between a blue or red version. You have complete freedom of choice with the Nike Free shoes, because they have not just settled for making two or three models. This gives you an even better chance to get your hands on a shoe that not everyone wears.

Nike Free, a fashion statement

So with a pair of Nike Free sneakers you are definitely fashionably well equipped for many years to come. And since they have been incredibly popular ever since they were unveiled, which is 10 years back, nothing looks like stopping them any time soon. This is a pair of shoes, which we will be able to remember in a decade or two, as one of the coolest sneakers ever made. The combination of sports, design and everyday fashion has been a sure fire hit with many different people and personalities in the fashion industry and world of sports. With the Nike Free you can be sure you won’t need to replace them in a couple of years, with a new, smarter pair of shoes. They will continue to be fashionable for many years to come.

Nike Free, the perfect fit

If you choose to order a pair of cool Nike Free, then you can be sure you are getting a pair of shoes, which sit incredibly comfortably to your foot. The fit is nothing short of spectacular and you will definitely not be complaining about how it fits your foot. If you have never had a pair of shoes where you were 100% happy with the fit, then it’s because you have never owned a pair of Nike Free. To make a shoe, which can fit your foot so perfectly is excellent work by Nike and you simply have to hand it to them, they did great work.

So no matter if you intend to use them as a running shoe, or just as a cool pair of new sneakers, which you can wear to school and work, it’s a pair of Nike Free you’re looking for. You will rarely see a shoe, which is half as thoroughly awesome as this model. Everything about this shoe is noteworthy and when you get the shoe in your hand, you will really feel how there has been paid attention to every detail. Everything is made by top professionals, who have really been able to see what our feet need.

Buy your Nike Free online at Unisport

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