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Women Running shoes

Usually running shoes can be said to be unisex. However, naturally you can find running shoes for women too. They are different from unisex shoes, as the fit and size is slightly different. The biggest difference is the last used for modelling the shoe, it is narrower to accomodate the fact that womens feet in general are narrower. So keep this in mind, when you are looking for your next womens running shoe. Unisport offers a great selection of model, sizes and colors.

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Women Running shoes
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Many people believe that running shoes are unisex however, women's running shoes are designed ergonomically with a slightly narrower fit and are slightly smaller in size than unisex running shoes. Thus you have the possibility of finding a pair of running shoes that fit perfectly to your foot, wether you need a pair of everyday shoes or more advanced running shoes for an important race. We have running shoes for women from both Nike and adidas, so whatever your preference you will find a few for you here at Unisport.