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Ready for this summer’s tournaments | adidas launches national shirts

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adidas are getting ready for two of the biggest tournaments this summer. With both home and away kits for the different federations. Let’s have a closer look at the shirts!

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Both the home and away kits for Belgium's national team embody modernity, elegance, and luxury. The home shirt draws inspiration from contemporary Belgian architecture and fashion, with colours reflecting the national flag. The '1895' on the back of the neck pays homage to the founding date of the Belgian FA. Meanwhile, the away shirt celebrates Belgium's rich art and design culture, particularly in comic book illustration, with a nod to its iconic cartoon star in the colour scheme. Both shirts feature a tessellation of 3D diamonds and the Royal Belgian football crest, connected by an emblem showcasing the crown, flag, and founding date.

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Germany's home kit showcases a timeless white and black colour scheme with black shoulders transitioning into red and spark orange, drawing inspiration from the national flag and injecting a fresh aesthetic for the tournament hosts. The away shirt features a vibrant colour scheme inspired by the digital metaverse, aiming to engage the newest generation of German fans. Both kits are connected through a consistent pattern inspired by the DFB logo, with crests paying homage to German national symbols like the iconic eagle found on the Government flag.

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The design of the new Sweden home shirt draws inspiration from the summer solstice in Sweden, incorporating a sun-like circle motif. The away shirt features a similar design in vibrant shades of deep blue, pink, and yellow, adding a fresh twist to the template.

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Hungary's latest design for their football team aims to unite all Hungarians, no matter where they are, to support their team in European football. The home shirt draws inspiration from the country's flag and national team crest, proudly displayed on the jersey. The away shirt carries on this theme with a representation of the Hungarian flag in motion on a white background. The phrase "Only Together" connects both shirts and symbolises unity among Hungarian fans worldwide.

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Italy remains distinct by choosing not to wear a home jersey in the colours of its national flag. However, adidas has incorporated the Tricolore into their latest home and away kits in a bold and sophisticated manner. The home jersey is in the traditional Italy blue, with the flag's colours striped down the shoulders and prominently displayed on the crest. The away design features a base of white, with subtle nods to the flag on the shoulders, crest, and sides. Both kits feature a unique pattern of the letter ‘I’ given a digital twist, and the phrase L’ITALIA CHIAMO on the back neck, in homage to the national anthem.

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​​The home shirt of the national team incorporates traditional elements of Spain's culture, flag, and nature while also incorporating progressive themes. The shirt features wavy patterns inspired by the national flower, the carnation, and the seas surrounding the country. Similarly, the away shirt features wave and flower motifs but with a unique colour combination that evokes the feel of a vibrant Spanish beach in the summer. Both jerseys feature the carnation flower on the back neck as a symbol of unity between fans and players, representing distinction and love.

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Argentina's home shirt incorporates new gold detailing to update the traditional blue and white jersey, reflecting the team's recent global success. The away shirt features a vibrant royal blue colour, representing Argentina's status in international football. Metallic graphics and elements of light blue and white from the national flag appeal to a new generation of fans.

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Chile’s home shirt showcases a mosaic of red squares symbolising the 'red tide' of Chilean fans rallying behind their nation. The design, influenced by a younger generation of supporters, was created with a modern digital approach to exude a vibrant and youthful vibe. On the other hand, the away shirt honours Chilean heritage with a noble white base, reminiscent of the snow-capped Andes Mountains, complemented by bold blue and red accents to ignite La Roja's fervour in the lead-up to summer.

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The new shirts for Colombia proudly showcase a fresh symbol in the form of the phoenix, known for its association with energy and transformation. The home kit features the phoenix's wings along the side panel, creating a protective and dynamic look for the players as they take on new challenges. The away shirt draws inspiration from the phoenix's tale, with smoke patterns and fiery orange accents symbolising the energy and passion of the mythical bird.

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Mexico's home and away shirts feature vibrant folk-art inspired patterns that reflect the country's colourful and lively perspective on life. The home jersey incorporates designs influenced by the national symbol, the Eagle, with feather graphics symbolising speed and precision. The away shirt showcases an all-over pattern of a serpent, representing power and greatness as seen on the Mexican coat of arms.

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Peru's home kit is a modern twist on a classic design, featuring the iconic red sash on a white background. The pattern on the shirt is inspired by the texture of the Peruvian Cajon instrument, with the phrase "Unidos Siempre" on the neckline symbolising unity between fans and players.

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