Women's gym tops

It can be difficult to find the right Womens gym tops and sport bras. Luckily today most brands offers a wide range of different models of tops and bras, so you can find the perfect one to support you. However you have setup your training or routine, there is an extensive collection of womens sportswear to choose from.

Sports bra

Whether you are going to the gym or running to work, you can exercise with confidence and with great comfort. You can find athletic bras, supportive bras and much more, so let’s check out the options.

Sports bra - sizing and support

Finding the right size of your next sports bra, can be a daunting challenge. But fear not, it can be less complicated if you follow these tips and tricks. First you must find your underbust measurement. You do so by taking a tape measure and wrap it around you, just below your bust. Keep it as level as possible, and exhale to get the smallest measurement possible. This will be your underbust measurement - for the best fit, round to the nearest number. Next you need to find your bust measurement. You do so by wearing an unpadded bra, placing the tape measurement at the widest part of your bust. Again, keep it as level as possible. The number found is your bust measurement.

Pick the right sports bra

With you knowing your bra size, you must decide on the level of support you want and need. You should consider both your size and the level of intensity of your exercise. A good rule of thumb is: the larger your bust, the more support you need. High intensity training and exercise will generally also require more support. But it ultimately comes down to a personal preference.

Classic bra colors - white and more

When you have found the right bra size, you then need to pick the color. The classic colors; white and black, is dominating the selection. But you can also find some alternative colors, so no matter what you need to match with you can pick the right bra color.

Nike sports bra

Nike is one of the biggest sports brands, so no wonder Nike offers a wide selection of sports bras. Everything from light support to padded and strong support, Nike offers just the right bra for you. No matter if you plan to hit the gym, or go for a run or you have an important football match coming up - Nike offers just the right sports bra for you.

Let’s have a closer look at our assortment of gym tops for women.

Gym tops for women

Now you have found the right bra, you need to find a gym top to wear on top. Find the right one is less complicated, as you can use your normal shirt size as guidance. But generally most prefer a looser fit, depending on the exact gym top.

Nike gym tops for women

Whether you prefer a cropped top or a tank top, Nike offers just the right gym top for you. Nikes crop tops can be found in a wide range of colors, from classic white and black to much more bright colors. They are designed to offer a high level of comfort and a loose fit, which is why they are made from super comfortable materials. As for the Nike tank tops, they are all designed for a snug fit and with a seamless design. This ensures you experience less restriction during runs or high intensity exercises.

Football tops for women

Women's football is on the rise, and is growing substantially in popularity all over the world. So naturally you can also browse a large selection football tops for women. You can enjoy all the well known technologies but in a design specifically designed for women, so you can enter the pitch with confidence at every training session.

Football track tops for women

On your way to the gym or practice, you need an other layer. Or perhaps you just need an outer layer, during a short pause in your practice. No matter the reason, the football track top is the right choice. As with the football tops, you can equally find football track tops specifically designed for women. It will feature all the high tech and comfort, but in a design that fits women perfectly.

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