adidas AG football boots

The most important thing when choosing football boots is that the boots are suitable for the surface you play on. When you play on artificial turf, it's important that you play with artificial turf boots, as they are made to withstand the increased pressure that the boots are exposed to on the artificial surface. Here you will find a wide variety of artificial turf boots from adidas in many different colours and sizes for both children and adults.

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Adidas really know how to build a pair of football boots, and their artificial turf boots are of course no exception. The German brand has refined their technology over the years. Their collection of boots - adidas ACE and adidas X, along with a modern version of the classic Copa Mundial has announced its arrival on the market.

Most of adidas' boots are designed with a revolutionary hybrid sole that gives you the possibility to play on both natural grass and artificial turf. A combined FG and AG sole makes it possible for you to use the same boot on both surfaces. This means that Adidas turf shoes are also a pair of boots that you can use on grass.

A technological advancement that will surely be good for all players. On a professional level, stars like Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba and Gareth Bale put their trust in adidas football boots. Will you follow suit? You'll find your new pair of adidas turf boots in this category.