Nike AG football boots

Nike knows a thing or two about football boots, and they are only learning more as time goes by. Just as artificial turf has become increasingly popular, the technology that goes with it has too. The surface is constantly being improved, and that creates a permanent challenge for artificial turf boots; the so-called AG boots. Nike turf shoes are amongst the very best on the market.

Nike have introduced all of their silos with an AG-sole that is specifically designed for football on artificial turf, so you can play in the Nike Mercurial, Hypervenom, Magista or Tiempo, without worrying about ruining your boots. The technical specifications are the same as those you may already know from Nike Indoor shoes, but Nike turf shoes are designed to provide better grip and withstand the extra wear that they are exposed to. In addition, wearing the right boots on the right surface will prevent various injuries to the feet and knees, which underlines how important it is to match your equipment to the surface.