The complete look of football | Comfortable footwear off the pitch too


Written by Milan

We looove football boots. And if we could, we would wear them all day long! But we gotta admit that they’re not as comfortable to wear off the pitch as they’re on the pitch. The tight feeling, as if the boot were made for your foot, makes you perform your very best on the pitch. But when you’re off the pitch, you just want something comfortable, nice and smooth to wear - something that can help you recover the best way as possible. And there’s only one asset that can do that - sneakers. That’s why we admittedly looove sneakers too!

Sneakers are loved and adored all over the world. New models, new colourways, limited editions and so on. Yeah, the sneaker world has grown into one of the most alluring and exciting industries all over the world. Sneakers are also a huge part of the world of football. Even though they can’t be used on the field, sneakers still have a very important role to play in a true footballers life. Sneakers often complete the look of football, as they resonate with sport and athletes.

Many of the big football brands, such as Nike, adidas, PUMA and New Balance, are likewise the big players when it comes to sneakers. Nike have their Air Max and Jordan’s. Adidas have their Originals and Ultraboost’s. And PUMA and New Balance offer a variety of iconic sneak’s as well. It’s fair to say that the big brands compete both on and off the pitch.

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Let’s start off with one of the biggest boys on the market; Nike. From the Nike Air Force 1, the Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 95, Air Max 97 to the Air Jordan’s - Nike have had so many iconic and impactful shoes it’s hard to keep count. If some of these are among your favourite, we got good news for you. Have you checked out our newest Nike Air Max 95? Or the cutting-edge Jordan Air Max 200 Jordan x PSG? Some footwear just never go out of fashion.


We’re gonna move on to an equally important brand, which likewise manufacture epic sneakers. Not only are adidas known for the three iconic stripes from their logo - they assure that you’ll get unmatched quality and a striking design when buying their sneakers. Do you remember the Gazelle? Or are you more of a Ultra Boost-person? Regardless your type, Unisport got you covered.


And now to another German sports brand, which are also an established guarantee of high quality and stylish design within the sneaker world. Although they’ve made a dusin of memorable sneakers, such as the PUMA Liga Suede, our favourite must hands down be the recent and very colourful Future Rider Play On and the Orbiter BALR from last year. And we’re pretty sure you can agree with us on this one.

New Balance

Last but not least, New Balance or NB, which they’re also known as. Once again we have everything from a classic look, such as the New Balance 574 to the more up-to-date shoes such as the FuelCell Hybrid and the Fresh Foam Tempo - and anything in between. It’s all about balance and newness, baby, so get a fresh pair of NB’s at Unisport!

Clean and repair

Having mentioned some of the most stunning and extraordinary sneakers on the market above, we’re only missing one thing, and that is highlighting that it’s important to keep your babies clean, because obviously you’re gonna wanna have them shine all the time - not only when they’re fresh and new. Check out our Crep Protect Ultimate Care Cleaning Kit and read more about how to keep your sneak’s clean right here.