adidas Copa Eternal Class | The Eternal Class Trilogy is completed


Written by Lasse

Only the greatest movie franchises are good enough to consist of a trilogy. And that is also the case, when it comes to football boots. And today, we are experiencing that yet another time, as adidas are launching the third part of the luxurious, limited and highly exclusive Eternal Class. Check it out at Unisport!

adidas Eternal Class

At the end of last year, we saw the Eternal class make an entrance to the stage of exclusive and collectible football boots. Back then, the first drop of Eternal Class included both a Predator Absolute and a Copa Mundial, which both were made in very luxurious white colourways. Since then we got the Predator Accelerator as the prequel to Eternal Class. The Accelerator was made in a mean, but still classy black colourway. And now, we can complete the trilogy and welcome the Copa Eternal Class in an incredible black colourway.

Copa Eternal Class

First of all. The new Copa Eternal Class looks amazing. There can’t be any discussion about that. Second of all, look at that upper! It’s totally black - like not even any text or logo in white. It looks awesome! And what about that soleplate? Shiny black chrome! We got no words left. Check it out on the pictures below, and we’ll dive into the techs!

Continued below pictures

Copa Mundial and a new Copa?

Just like last time we got a Copa Eternal Class, are we facing a fusion between the legendary Copa Mundial and the newer versions of the Copa. On top we got the premium leather upper from the Copa Mundial, which is very comfortable to wear and play in. Underneath, we’ll find a more modern soleplate. And this time it’s actually a soleplate, which we haven’t seen before. Maybe this is some kind of tease from adidas about a new Copa coming soon? Who knows?

Limited edition

The black Copa Eternal Class is very limited - just like the other Eternal Class boots. But if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of the pairs, you will have to share the spotlight with some of the best upcoming and most talented players in the world. We are talking Declan Rice, Donny van de Beek, Thiago Mendes and Martina Rosucci. I think you don’t mind sharing some spotlight with such quality players?

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