Full launch of adidas ACE, X and MESSI boots


Written by Jonathan Baez

At the beginning of this week, adidas presented the adidas Speed of Light Pack, which included a PureControl, PureChaos and PureAgility. Now the remaining models catch up from the X, ACE and Messi silos.

If you are yet to jump on adidas’ “Pure” hype, then there is good news, as adidas today introduce the 16.1 versions of their Speed of Light colourways, which saw the light of day this tuesday.

The ACE comes in both a 16.1 Primeknit and 16.1 boot. The Primeknit 16.1 is very closely related to the PureControl, as both feature the Primecut silhouette and Techfit support system, which are even made in the same material. The one main difference is however naturally that the Primeknit model comes with laces. On the flipside, the ACE 16.1 really bares very little resemblance in terms of silhouette, as it is made entirely without Primeknit, Primecut or Techfit. Instead it is built like a traditional football boot, but with the same CTRL/WEB, CTRL/FIT and GROUND/CTRL technologies, as the other two boots.

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The biggest difference between the PureChaos and X 16.1 is the Purecut Sock System, which only the PureChaos is made with. It covers the boots laces and gives a cleaner strike surface. At the same time the technology also works to ensure a more supported and closer fit. However, there are lots of players, who still don’t quite like the lacecover and that is why adidas introduced the X 16.1. Covering all bases!

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The same is the case for the MESSI silo, where the Messi 16.1 offers an alternative to the PureAgility. Here it is once again the Purecut Sock System that basically separates the two boots.The difference is not to be underestimated, because the sensation of playing in the two boots is radically different. There are many who prefer the boots without lacecover, including Lionel Messi himself. Just because the PureAgility is more expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is better for you. And you can trust that advice, because we are the ones selling the boots!

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