La Liga match ball

Many people argue that the best football league in the world is the Spanish La Liga football. Big teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona are dominating year after year. World class players like Ronaldo and Messi are battling in out week after week as they try to get the most and the most spectacular goals. In the middle of it all is of course the official La Liga match football. The football used by the La Liga stars is the popular Nike Ordem LFP.

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This football is the constant center of attention. Who can shoot the hardest, who can deliver the best passes and who took home all three points. Nike is a giant wihtin the sports industry, and this years edition of the La Liga football is their best yet. Records will be broken, tears of both joy and sorrow will run. This is football, and it is remarkable to see how much a football can affect the many fans of football. La Liga is home of some of the best clubs, the best players and now also the best football, in the shape of the Nike Ordem. if you're a true La Liga supporter, then it pretty much goes without saying that you need to get your self a LFP football, and you will naturally find it here on