We recently started a little series, so you can get an impression of what gear us Unisport employees use, when we go out to play football. This time round it's Mads, who works in our product team and plays as an attacking midfielder that shows off his gameday essentials…

Nike Magista Opus FG: This is my training boot. I train three times a week, so I need a boot that gives me comfort and control. Our training sessions in my club usually include lots of technical training and high intensity drills, so it’s very important to me that my boots give me optimal ball movement and protect my feet, both from tackles and generally from the strain of training. I feel the boot has a very nice fit, and comfort-wise no boot can compare to it in my book.

Umbro Velocita HG: This is my match boot. Here I need a boot that is designed for speed. I like playing in lightweight boots, when it comes to competitive matches. A teammate and I usually joke that new and light boots add 10% to your game. With the Velocita I almost can’t feel that I’m wearing a boot, I feel fast and the material gives a very clean strike surface, so the ball breaks in the air and throws off the goalkeeper.

You can get the gear Mads uses here.

Mercurial Flylite Guard: This shin-pad is super good. It doesn’t take up too much space on my leg, which I really like, but it protects me like a shin-pad should. IT doesn’t weigh much and the anatomical fit means I don’t notice it. I’m the type who really doesn’t like wearing pads, so I prefer them small, light and strong, which makes the Flylite just my thing.

Trusox: As previously mentioned I spend most of my football time on the training pitches. I therefore need the optimal training conditions, for which I use Trusox. They feel comfortable, reduce slippage in the boots and do a great job of preventing blisters. They are just a million times better than regular socks.

You can get the gear Mads uses here.

Everyone has their preferences in gear and these are the items Mads goes for, when he takes to the field, either for training, or games. Do you use any of the same gear and how has your experience been with it?