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Making Football Dreams Come True

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As we kick off 2024, let's take a quick trip down memory lane to celebrate the fantastic year that was 2023 for Unisport FC members.

Making Football Dreams Come True

In 2023, Unisport FC made dreams come true, giving its members some awesome football experiences. Let's look back at the special moments that made this year all about passion, surprises, and the pure joy of football.

Imagine meeting football legends out of the blue, attending exclusive classes with the pros, and having dream experiences that got your heart racing with excitement. Unisport FC is more than just a club; it's like a safe place where football dreams not only get all the love but also turn into real-life adventures.

PUMA King Party in Copenhagen 🎉

Unisport FC started the year with an awesome party in Copenhagen for the launch of PUMA KING. The store turned into a buzzing football spot for members, and we even threw a special mini-party with live performances and DJ sets by some of Copenhagen's coolest creators to celebrate the new PUMA King. It was a blast!

Marco Verratti's Surprise in Paris 🇫🇷

Imagine launching the PSG home shirt and getting a personal video greeting from Marco Verratti! Three lucky Unisport FC members experienced this surprise at the Paris store, turning an ordinary day into an unforgettable memory.

adidas Masterclass with Andy Diouf and Elye Wahi ⚽

In the heart of Paris, Unisport FC members delved into an adidas Masterclass with Andy Diouf and Elye Wahi. The exclusive event provided aspiring footballers with insights and skills straight from the pros, fueling their passion for the beautiful game.

Tastemaker Events 🌟

Youngsters in Paris, Copenhagen, London and Hilversum had a blast testing out boots during a day of football thrills. But hold up, what's the lowdown on the Unisport Tastemaker experience? The Unisport Tastemaker program is like the VIP pass for players worldwide, hooking them up with epic chances – think unique football escapades and trying out the hottest gear innovations. All we're asking is for them to spill the deets on social media or give us the real talk about the gear they've put to the test. Could you be the next big Tastemaker? 🌟

Liverpool Extravaganza in Copenhagen and Stockholm 🎤

Unisport FC threw not one but two amazing Liverpool events! In Copenhagen, football legends Robert Fowler and Jan Mølby took center stage, while in Stockholm, the iconic John Barnes stole the show. Members got up close with their football heroes, making memories that went beyond the field – they even got to ask their idols questions! These exclusive member events left no detail untouched, making sure every member had an unforgettable experience.

Grand Paris Girls Cup 🏆

While the 2023 Women's World Cup was happening down under, Unisport and Nike teamed up to create something special for the players in Greater Paris. They organized an all-women's football tournament, giving a shout-out to the incredible talent in the region. It was a celebration of women's football excellence alongside the grandeur of the year's biggest tournament!

Dream Week in September 🌟

September was huge for Unisport FC – we hit a massive milestone of 1 million members! The celebration unfolded as the Dream Week, a week-long fiesta where members soaked in the joy of football, camaraderie, and shared dreams. Members scored big with prizes from adidas, Nike, and PUMA, including VIP tickets to watch Arsenal, PSG, and Bayern Munich live. Imagine the excitement – one lucky member even snagged the title of Tastemaker, while three others scored signed Manchester City shirts by Haaland, Foden & Bruyne!

Jersey Lab - Design Your Own Shirt 🎨

Design your own unique football shirt in our new Jersey Lab! Unisport FC members have the exclusive chance to design their own football shirts through the Jersey Lab. Whether online or in stores, it is a unique opportunity to turn passion into a tangible expression. Design your very own out-of-this-world football shirt with custom made badges and special fonts from the football culture.

Liverpool Dream Experience 🌈

Teaming up with Nike and Liverpool FC, Unisport brought the magic of football to life for two lucky members and their kids. Picture this: two Unisport youngsters side by side with one of the world's greatest defenders – a dream turned reality. They played ball with Van Dijk in a place where football legends had left their mark. The smiles on their faces say it all – these are the moments that become everlasting memories for football fans, young and old alike.

Manchester City Dream Experience 🌟

September was a milestone for us – hitting 1 million members called for a celebration! To mark the occasion, we had a week of incredible competitions. One standout prize was a football fan's dream come true – a trip to Manchester City with PUMA! And the lucky winners? Our Norwegian pals, Solveig and her football-loving 11-year-old son, Henrik. After the match Henrik met Kyle Walker. For Solveig and Henrik, winning this trip was nothing short of hitting the jackpot!

Short Sum Up 😎

In a heartfelt move, Unisport FC crafted unforgettable experiences for young fans. Two budding Liverpool supporters delved into the world of their cherished club, while a young City fan lived the full Manchester City experience. These dream encounters stretched beyond the field, imprinting lasting memories on these young hearts.

As the curtain gracefully falls on the extraordinary journey that was 2023, Unisport FC emerges as a dream catalyst, a source of boundless joy, and a community where football transcends the pitch. The memories etched in the hearts of our members stand as a testament to the club's unwavering commitment to turning football dreams into reality, leaving an enduring mark on the beautiful game. Looking forward, Unisport FC remains steadfast in its mission to weave dreams into reality, one unforgettable experience at a time. ⚽🌟

Member Benefits 🏆

Here's your golden ticket to football magic! Joining the Unisport family isn't just about being a member; it's about unlocking a world of incredible opportunities. Your football dreams can become a reality, and the best part? You can share these enchanting moments with your nearest and dearest.

At Unisport FC, being a member means celebrating the vibrant football community all year long. Dive into a treasure trove of exclusive member benefits, snag unique products, and score in giveaways that make football dreams come true.

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